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Express Manicure

A basic grooming along with a 5 minute massage, ending with a soft, reflective polish for natural nails.


Bella's Manicure

Your hands are important. Keep them healthy. With this invigorating treatment, your hands will get showered with chilling cold water, rubbed clean with sugar scrubs, rinsed in warmth, and wrapped in a moisturizing mask – All followed by soft paraffin and a 15 minute massage.


Classic Manicure

Quality grooming, an 8 minute massage, and pure, moisturizing paraffin to soften your hands with a clean, warm glow.



Classic Pedicure

Relax while soaking your feet in a luxurious whirlpool spa chair with a pro-massage system. You get: basic grooming, callus removal, trimmed nails – shaped and buffed. Your feet will then be moisturized and massaged with a special, rich lotion before being massaged for 6 minutes.


Deluxe Pedicure

Designed to help smooth calluses and dry skin, our spa begins with an aromatic whirlpool foot bath, followed by a thorough, exfoliating sea salt scrub, aromatic mud mask, a hot towel wrap, and 12 minutes of relaxing foot massage.


Bella's Spa

Some call this “truly delectable” – enjoying our luxurious whirlpool chair with a specialty sugar glow exfoliation treatment, mask, and a 12 minute massage topped off with either warm paraffin, or a hot stone.


Luxury Pedicure

This pedicure may make our salon your favorite retreat. As you submerge your feet in a nourishing treatment, we then exfoliate with a sugar scrub, and moisturize with a revitalizing mask. Aftwerward, relax with a 15 minute massage, warm paraffin, and a hot stone.


Tropical Paradise

The natural qualities of our tropical ingredients will rejuvinate your skin’s natural, healthy glow. Sit back with a glass of wine while fruit acids dissolve unwanted dead skin cells, and antioxidants fight bacteria. Finish with a 20 minute massage. Lavender, Rose, or Milk & Honey.



This natural pedicure treats skin blemishes – even improving your skin tone’s brightness and texture. Skin irritations and wrinkles will be a thing of the past. Natural antiseptics work to rejuvinate cell production, and organic fruits naturally moisturize. Finish with a 20 minute massage. Green tea, Mandarin, or Pomegranate.


Signature Detox

This comes with a purifying scrub, a nourishing mask, and pure emollient creme. Specially formulated with soothing black charcoal, this 4 step pedicure is an excellent method to purify and diminish calluses while moisturizing and exfolliating dry skin. This pedicure is perfect for restoring your polished feet, accompanied with a 25 minute massage.


Ultimate Spa

This extraordinary treatment combines pure luxury and highly visible results. Ready? Here we go: A deep salt soak, vitamin E gel scrub, recharging mask, Bella’s lotion, collagen socks infused with collagen cream and vitamin E, followed with a 30 minute massage. Finally, therapeutic hot stones to breathe life back into your over worked feet.


Eyelash Extensions

Full Set

If it’s your first time, and you need perfectly imperceptible eyelash extension that POP, then we’re the place to come to.

$95 (pricing may vary)


You know the drill – But your lashes need a touch-up. Don’t worry, we’re experts when it comes to keeping your extensions vividly life-like.

$45 (pricing may vary)

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